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Boynton Beach Foot Care Boynton Beach Bonions Patient Testimonials     “Thank you for being unlike all the other medical practices. You all make attending a doctor’s office pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you for being personal and empathetic. I found a gem of an office. Thank you staff and Dr. MacGill for changing my life!” Sarah F.     “Quick and excellent service from Dr. Kinmon explaining the process and procedures. The treatment has helped. I highly recommend you to anyone.” Angela F.     “It was a very pleasant experience. Dr. MacGill was very easy to talk to and explained everything in an easy to understand way. Cynthia is an outstanding medical assistant and made each appointment a pleasure. No long waits to see doctor.” Lysa R.     “Great Staff! Dr. Kinmon is extremely competent and caring. Amazing outcome following surgery. Relieved the pain in my feet and now I’m able to walk and wear shoes comfortably. I would absolutely recommend anyone to this practice.” Shari F.     “I had two operations on my feet. Everyone was very professional and courteous. Front office is outstandingly helpful. I’m now able to walk normally after years of discomfort!! I would definitely recommend this office to anyone.” Tom A.     “Excellent experience from onset. Courteous front desk and appointment scheduling. Very Accommodating!! Staff is pleasant and efficient. Dr. Kinmon and Dr. MacGill are A+.  I can now put pressure on my foot and my toes are no longer going in a slanted direction.” Norma B.     “Great office personnel, very professional and knowledgeable. Recommend highly, your feet ill be in good hands with this practice. Thanks again Dr. Powell and Dr. MacGill for accommodating me when I was in serious trouble.” James I.
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